Welcome to our website where we would like present a very unusual house – our own eco-friendly clay cottage, which is going to be found in the village called Baligród, in the Polish part of Carpathian Mountains.
We believe that our cottage is going to be one of a very few clay buildings in Poland, and very likely – the first one in this part of the country. Which, we hope, will attract not only tourists wanting to visit the area but also people interested in the use of eco-friendly and natural building materials. The cottage will be open to the public providing the opportunity to experience the quality of life in such houses due to its exceptionality and unique properties of clay. This way we would like to promote a healthy lifestyle as well as eco-friendly building. We hope for our cottage to be not only an attraction to the tourists but also an inspiration for the future projects of this kind. The cottage will be open soon to the public for a hire for the ones interested in.
We are very happy for you to contact us to share any experience and information.
All the best,
Daniel and Justyna
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